About us

Our vision is innovation.

We want innovation to flourish in all technological solutions, guaranteeing security and ease of use. Everything is here to allow our partners and employees to be successful. We believe that this attitude is the key to achieving the company's stated purpose.

Our values

We are a team of people who have been combined by passion for new technology and programming.

Our team is made up of system architecture specialists, software engineers and programmers. We also work with graphic designers and expert expirience experts. We develop custom solutions and outsource projects for our clients. In our work we prepare products that will meet the highest programming standards and standards of the people who'll use them. We are able to provide software of all kinds, so that we can more easily adapt to the demands placed upon us. What distinguishes us is the individual approach to the customer, high quality of service and timely delivery.

Priorities of functioning

Each of us ruthlessly adheres to the rules of honest conduct in professional activities. This principle does not allow for any compromises leading to the submission of personal interests over the interests of the company as well as in relations with external partners.

A sense of belonging

We strive to provide our employees with the best possible place to work. We take care of their continuous development and Integration, to know that the company also works to help them meet their goals.

Partnership approach

We believe that good relationships can only be built through a partnership approach. We know that our work as well as quality influences the customer's subsequent actions, so we have to do everything we can to help him.

Need to improve

Continuous advancement in information technology requires us to continuously develop our employees. That is why we care that everyone in our company can grow in the areas that this development is necessary for him, organizing regular training (at least 2 times a year).

Facing challenges

There are no impossible things, only those difficult to obtain. We believe that thanks to strong teams of professionals we will create every project, while gaining experience useful in later development work.

Innovation means modernity

Conventional and proven solutions are considered as the basis for action, but we always try to introduce new, innovative elements that can significantly help our clients.

Range of activity

In our work we use the most popular technologies combined with extensive frameworks, allowing us to prepare solutions according to the client's ideas.

We create desktop, web and mobine applications. For their construction we use the latest technologies, matched to the design and according to the customer's needs. We offer help with your choice of thehe technology suitable for the project as well as the training of the solutions we have prepared.

Such diversity allows us to specialize in:

  • Dedicated applications

  • Websites

  • Mobile applications

  • Communication Systems


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Dawid Ratajczak

Dawid Ratajczak


Graduate of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics of the Gdansk University of Technology, master of engineering with specializations in algorithms and internet technologies. In the years 2015-2016 he held the function of the President of the Student Government of the Gdansk University of Technology where he led the work of the oldest unit in Poland Student government. He specializes in web and mobile applications.


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